Mythbusting – I’d get too attached by J Rhett Lively

This is a MUST READ if you ever consider becoming a foster parent. Beautifully said Rhett! For more blogs, please check out:


Lighthouse for Wandering Souls


If you think for one second that you can take a child in, love them, care for them, and not get attached…well I’ll let my favorite doctor tell you that you are:

wrong wrong dr cox

But then again if your looking at fostering, you probably aren’t a heartless freak who’s heart didn’t at least break when Bambi’s mom died or Old Yeller had to be shot.

You wanna know the kicker to it, these kids NEED you to get attached! Two-thirds of the kids in my home right now have parents who haven’t bonded with them AT ALL!! and our other two are just lucky to have parents who are at least trying. Typically once things have gotten to this point, that’s not the case.

So foster children need parents who’ll love them. Parents who will fight for them, be silly with them, get excited with them when they achieve a…

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5 thoughts on “Mythbusting – I’d get too attached by J Rhett Lively

  1. Such a powerful post and full of truth. I worked in children’s mental health for a number of years, and the kids I knew were craving relationships with adults who were fully vested in them. They wanted that more than food and air. ❤

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  2. I love this post. As someone who eventually (sooner rather than later) wants to be a foster parent to tweens & teens, I know the hesitation of attachment, but it is so so necessary. If they can’t find refuge in your heart then who’s? It’s not about us, its about them and they deserve to be loved regardless of our reservations. Thanks for sharing this!


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